Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jim Caviezel and The Passion

Just saw an excellent interview on TBN with Jim Caviezel who played Jesus Christ in The Passion (which they are going to air on the 17th at 7pm EST).

Most don't know, but when he was filming the cross scenes, it was very cold and he suffered hyperthemia and a dislocated shoulder that was so painful that when the wind came up, each movement racked his body with pain and when they were filming the whipping scenes, he was actually hit twice, one leaving a 14 inch slice in his back. He said that since the skin is one big giant organ, it reacted so harshly that he could not scream because all of the air was cut off.

Also, during the last day of filming he was on a mountain and the clouds were only about 20 feet overhead and that he was struck by lightening. Jim also said that once before filming, Mel Gibson had called him and all of sudden Jim realized something. He told Mel "that I just realized my initials are JC and I am 33 years old!" Mel was so stunned that he just hung up.

Jim also mentioned a book he had read over a 48 hour period called, I think, The Lone Survivor, about 4 soldiers fighting off the Taliban for hours and how Jim later learned that those four soldiers had each watched The Passion before deploying and were not afraid of dying. An amazing interview to say the least. Too many other points to express here, but it was great....

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